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  • Deluxe Muesli 10Kg
    Deluxe Muesli 10Kg

    Our best selling muesli, Deluxe is a sumptuous blend of soft fruit and...

  • Mixed Seeds 1Kg
    Mixed Seeds 1Kg

    A super mix of Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Golden...

  • Breakfast Boost 1Kg
    Breakfast Boost 1Kg

    Give your breakfast a boost with our fantastic breakfast topper! A super...

  • Mung Beans 5Kg
    Mung Beans 5Kg

    Mung Beans originally come from the far east and Asia where they have...


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Top sellers

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  • £3.49 In Stock

    Our sultanas come from white seedless grapes from the sun drenched vineyards of the Middle East. They are deliciously sweet and chewy and great in many cake recipes and also sprinkled over breakfast cereal.Don’t forget that a spoonful of sultanas counts towards your"5 a day" fruit intake!

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  • £12.99 In Stock

    We believe our Californian walnuts are the best you can eat as they are naturally sweet and never bitter. Try snacking on them or sprinkling over salads or breakfast cereals. They are also a source of protein and fibre.

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  • £0.99 In Stock

    These natural rolled oats are milled in the UK and have nothing added or taken away. They can be used in home baking, flapjacks and of course to make delicious porridge. Simply add 1 cup oats to 2 cups milk, water, or combination of both and heat in the microwave for approx 3 minutes, stirring about half way through.Contains Oat Gluten

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  • £1.99 In Stock

    Without preservatives

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  • £12.99 In Stock

    For use in all types of baking, try using half ground almonds, half flour when baking cakes to make them extra tasty and moist!

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  • £3.69 In Stock

    Our seedless raisins are from the Thompson variety of grape and are a sweet and juicy raisin. They have been used for generations in home baking and now increasingly as a snack as just a tablespoon counts towards your 5-a-day fruit intake.

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  • £2.49 In-Stock
  • £1.29 In Stock

    Tapioca comes from the cassava root and is not a ‘seed’ but processed pieces of the dried root. It makes a delicious milky pudding which is similar to rice pudding.Directions for use:Place 130g tapioca in a bowl with 750ml milk and soak overnight. Once soaked, add the seeds of a vanilla pod, 75g sugar and a pinch of salt to a pan, then whisk in 2 beaten...

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  • £5.99 In Stock

    Like all dried fruit, figs are totally delicious. They come from the Lerida region of Turkey and are sweet and juicy. Try soaking them overnight and having them for breakfast with Greek yogurt, or making a fig tart with frangipane and whole almonds.Figs are a natural product and without preservatives, slight sugaring may occur, but is quite natural.

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  • £8.99 £10.99 In Stock

    Brazil nuts are delicious and great as a tasty snack. They are grown wild in the pristine rainforests of the amazon, but, despite their name, mostly come from Bolivia. The brazil nut trees can grow for up to 1000 years, so in eating brazil nuts you can help save the rainforest!

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  • £2.49 In Stock

    Made in India

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Showing 13 - 24 of 780 items