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  • Deluxe Muesli 10Kg
    Deluxe Muesli 10Kg

    Our best selling muesli, Deluxe is a sumptuous blend of soft fruit and...

  • Mixed Seeds 1Kg
    Mixed Seeds 1Kg

    A super mix of Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Golden...

  • Breakfast Boost 1Kg
    Breakfast Boost 1Kg

    Give your breakfast a boost with our fantastic breakfast topper! A super...

  • Mung Beans 5Kg
    Mung Beans 5Kg

    Mung Beans originally come from the far east and Asia where they have...


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Top sellers

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  • £1.39 In Stock

    Large pieces of sliced citron, orange and lemon peel delicately preserved in sugar for a great flavour. Ideal for use in home baking, either as an ingredient or decoration.

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  • £2.89 In Stock

    A traditional old favourite with its unique taste and bright colour, this glace angelica from France wil help you create many traditional and nostalgic recipes. From proper trifles to elaborate cake decorations, you will love using this great store cupboard essential!

    In Stock
  • £11.99 In Stock

    Without peanuts

    In Stock
  • £1.99 In Stock

    Our best selling muesli, Deluxe is a sumptuous blend of soft fruit and crunchy nuts with mixed flakes

    In Stock
  • £1.49 In Stock

    Our mixed glace cherries are perfect for home baking. They are great for cake decorating and also for use as an ingredient. Try using these cherries for decorating a Dundee, Christmas, or fruit cake.

    In Stock
  • £0.99 In Stock

    Traditional rolled oats. Great for slow cooked porridge or even better for flapjacks or home made granola!Contains Oat Gluten

    In Stock
  • £2.49 In Stock

    Our best ever breakfast cereal is a truly scrumptious blend of granola clusters, wholegrain rye flakes, nuts, toasted coconut and seeds. Delicious with ice cold milk, or how about trying with natural Greek yogurt for a delicious breakfast, or adding to crumble toppings or home made flapjacks?

    In Stock
  • £1.49 In Stock

    With our five flake muesli base you can create any type of muesli you fancy! Just add fruit, nuts or seeds and enjoy with milk or natural yogurt. Alternatively, try using these to make flapjacks or to add to crumble toppings.

    In Stock
  • £3.69 In Stock

    Our famous blend of Raisins, Currants and Sultanas. We don’t bulk it out with peel or anything else, giving you just the best quality fruit to make the best quality fruit cakes! WITHOUT PEEL

    In Stock
  • £1.49 In Stock

    Give your breakfast a boost with our fantastic breakfast topper! A super tasty blend of fruit, nuts and seeds which is magnificent on muesli, perfect for porridge and yummy on yogurt! You can add this to any breakfast bowl for a truly scrumptious start to your day!

    In Stock
  • £2.69 In Stock

    Made in India

    In Stock
  • £1.69 In Stock

    Gorgeous plump, sweet cranberries with crunchy nuts and seeds make our Cranberry Crunch cereal absolutely delicious, why not give yourself the breakfast you deserve by enjoying it with ice cold milk?

    In Stock
Showing 1 - 12 of 781 items