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  • Walnuts, Halves 400g
    Walnuts, Halves 400g

    Delicious, sweet walnut halves from Chile. Ideal for all types of home...

  • Trail Mix 1Kg
    Trail Mix 1Kg

    We like to do things differently here at Sunrize, so we added our...

  • Seaweed Peanut Crackers 1Kg
    Seaweed Peanut Crackers 1Kg

    Roasted peanuts coated in a crunchy shell flavoured with soy sauce and...

  • Honey Cashews 1Kg
    Honey Cashews 1Kg

    Our Honey Roasted Cashews are incredibly good and have become a real...

  • Black Peppercorns 5Kg
    Black Peppercorns 5Kg

    Black Peppercorns have an intensive dry heat to them which adds a fiery...



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Showing 1 - 12 of 136 items