Online Security Image

Here at Wilton Wholefoods we take online security very seriously!

  • The only information we keep is your Name, Address and optionally your date of birth. This information is kept on our personal server that is in a secure data centre.
  • We do not use your personal information for any use other than to contact you regarding your order(s).
  • Your information is safe with us. We would NEVER sell or disseminate this information.
  • We do not process credit card numbers directly on our website, thus we do not store them.
  • During checkout, you are transferred to WorldPay's secure payment gateway.
  • We are fully PCI compliant and we have to complete a stringent annual check to attain this.
  • Orders are checked by real people enabling us to respond to any issues rapidly.
  • Our website is protected using SSL encryption and is regularly tested for security flaws.

We accept payment by credit / debit cards in any currency you choose. We do not accept American Express cards at this time.

Top Tips to improve your internet safety

  1. Ensure you are running a modern internet browser.
  2. Ensure your computer's operating system is up-to-date. Always allow updates to Windows/Java when prompted.
  3. Ensure you have a good anti-virus software and that it is up-to-date! This doesn't have to cost you anything - there are a number of free anti virus packages available that yield very good results. Bitdefender, Avast!, Panda are just a few to get you started.
  4. When buying online, try to use a credit card instead of a debit card.
  5. When visiting a website that requires personal information, make sure you are connected using a secure web page. This is usually indicated by a padlock and by the letters HTTPS:// before the website address (at the top). If the site you are visiting does not have a padlock or the padlock is red or crossed out, do not enter important information there.