8th-16th August 2020

The team at Wilton Wholefoods need a break! We have all worked long hours with no time off since the beginning of lockdown, back in March. 

We've decided that in order to make it fair for all, we are going to close the entire operation for 7 days. This means that there will be no response to phone calls or other queries until we come back, fully refreshed on the 17th.

The website will still be open and taking orders. The estimated delivery time for deliveries will be displayed as normal and will also account for the time when we are closed. This means that:

  • an economy order placed after 10 am on Thursday 6th will not be delivered until Thursday 20th
  • a next day order placed on Friday 7th (after midday) will not be delivered until Tuesday 18th
  • orders that are normally collected in person will not be available until Monday 17th

If you need to get in touch during this period, please use the contact form - here - and we will reply when we can.

Many thanks,

Wilton Wholefoods