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Sol's Blog (Powered by Nuts)

Welcome to my first ever blog! Welcome also to our brand new website! I really hope you love it as much as i and my brother and wife do too. 

March 2015

So here we are after another winter, hoping that the lighter evenings are going to start bringing some warmer weather! At least we escaped the terrible weather we had last year, in fact we only had one day of snow down here in Salisbury and that had all but melted by lunchtime! So what does the spring mean to me and the rest of us here at the nut factory? Well, for me it means more bike time. Being able to commute into work without ten layers of lycra and the most powerful lights on my bike, is a lovely thought as i get in as much training as possible for my charity ride at the Pruudential Ride London in August - more on that in the weeks to come! For the rest of us here at Wilton, it means that finally the heaters can be turned off and the packing girls will be able to start work without a chill in the air! Of course before the warmth of spring and summer are here, we have Easter, which means baking and chocolate! Fortunately, we have both bases covered...From mixed fruit and marzipan to Belgian chocolate brazils and Dark 70% cooking chocolate, we can make sure you've got everything you need for Easter!

Hope you all have a great Easter!