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  • Deluxe Muesli 10Kg
    Deluxe Muesli 10Kg

    Our best selling muesli, Deluxe is a sumptuous blend of soft fruit and...

  • Mixed Seeds 1Kg
    Mixed Seeds 1Kg

    A super mix of Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Golden...

  • Breakfast Boost 1Kg
    Breakfast Boost 1Kg

    Give your breakfast a boost with our fantastic breakfast topper! A super...

  • Mung Beans 5Kg
    Mung Beans 5Kg

    Mung Beans originally come from the far east and Asia where they have...


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Top sellers

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  • £21.99 In Stock

    Our Thai rice has a beautiful perfumed flavour. It is also known as jasmine rice because of this delicate perfume.Directions for use: Rinse rice before use, then place in a lidded sauce pan and cover with water approx 1cm above level of rice. Bring to the boil, then cover and turn down heat to lowest setting and simmer for approx 8 minutes. Take off the...

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  • £3.99 In Stock

    A fiery spice blend of chillies, garlic, onion and basil. Originally from Portugal, use as a rub or marinade for BBQs and roasts. Try mixing with some olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice to add an extra zing!Use approx 1tsp of spice blend per person (or more if you're feeling brave!)

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  • £3.99 In Stock

    A super mix of Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Golden Linseeds and chia seeds. Ideal for home baking in bread, this tasty blend can also be added to shakes and smoothies, or toasted and sprinkled into crumble toppings!

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  • £34.95 In-Stock

    This item is ordered (or packed) on request and will take a little longer to be despatched

  • £74.99 In Stock

    Our plain peanuts are extremely versatile and can be used for many different purposes. They’re great in home baking, and also just to snack on, especially once toasted. They are also extensively used in Creole and Indonesian cuisines.

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  • £39.99 In Stock

    This puy style of lentil is smaller and more flavoursome than regular green lentils. They are delicious in salads, great in stews and casseroles and also as an alternative to rice or potatoes.NO soaking required. Simply give them a good wash and and place in a saucepan with clean cold water covering by 3cm, then bring to the boil, reduce heat and simmer...

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  • £1.29 In Stock

    Tasty pieces of crystallised ginger covered in a delicious yogurt flavoured coating.

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  • £34.99 In Stock

    Stronger and more earthy flavour than the yellow variety. High in fibre, they make a delicious addition to stews, casseroles and soups.Directions for use: Use 3 measures of cold water to 1 of peas. Place in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Skim off any scum that forms. Reduce heat to a simmer and cook for approx 30 mins or until tender. Add salt to taste.

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  • £6.49 In Stock

    Sirop de Noisette / Hazelnut Syrup / Haselnuss Sirup / Hazelnoten SiroopFor more beverage inspiration see www.monin.com and the free MONIN app.

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  • £1.59 In Stock

    Bronze Die pasta from Puglia

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  • £0.99 In Stock

    Baking powder is added to a food to help it rise. As a general rule, 1 teaspoon of baking powder would be added to 200-250g flour. The quantity of baking powder should be reduced if an acidic item is also used (eg lemon, buttermilk, honey etc)

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Showing 769 - 780 of 781 items