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  • Deluxe Muesli 10Kg
    Deluxe Muesli 10Kg

    Our best selling muesli, Deluxe is a sumptuous blend of soft fruit and...

  • Mixed Seeds 1Kg
    Mixed Seeds 1Kg

    A super mix of Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Golden...

  • Breakfast Boost 1Kg
    Breakfast Boost 1Kg

    Give your breakfast a boost with our fantastic breakfast topper! A super...

  • Mung Beans 5Kg
    Mung Beans 5Kg

    Mung Beans originally come from the far east and Asia where they have...


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Top sellers

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  • £94.99 In Stock

    Sometimes, a simple salted peanut just isn’t enough, so why not try these little lovelies? Crunchy peanuts with a special secret dry roasted flavour; Gorgeous!

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  • £4.49 In-Stock

    Delicious, sweet walnut halves from Chile. Ideal for all types of home baking, especially cakes, pastries and bakes, or for just snacking on straight from the bag!

  • £2.49 In Stock

    100% pure sesame oil

    In Stock
  • £32.99 In Stock

    Yellow split peas have a sweeter flavour than the green ones and contain both soluble and insoluble fibre. They are also an excellent source of folic acid and thiamin, another B vitamin. and also supply some manganese, potassium, and iron.Directions for use: Use 3 measures of cold water to 1 of peas. Place in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Skim off any...

    In Stock
  • £37.00 In Stock

    Our Hot Paprika Crackers are so good they shouldn’t be allowed! Authentically made in Thailand, they are delicious baked and fried rice crackers using paprika and chilli to give them their unique flavour. One taste and you’ll be hooked on to their fantastically flavoursome taste and super crunch!

    In Stock
  • £74.99 In Stock

    Our dried apple has a delicious soft and chewy texture and a naturally sweet taste. It is great as a snack as it doesn’t have any added sugar, but is also lovely to use in home baking, like flapjacks, muffins or cakes!

    In Stock
  • £5.49 In Stock

    Cooking instructions:Can be used in a variety of ways, Ideal for hot pot, salad, soup and stir fried vegetables.

    In Stock
  • £19.99 In Stock

    Deglet Nour, from the Arabic 'Date of Light', these delicious pitted dates have a soft brown colour and gorgeous sweet and caramel flavour. They can be enjoyed in home baking, but are wonderful as a snack straight from the packet!

    In Stock
  • £36.99 In Stock

    'Hey Amigo! with flavours this good, this new Desperado mix should be outlawed'. A Mexican inspired blend of peanuts and corn with subtle spices and flavours. Mucho tasty!

    In Stock
  • £119.99 £130.00 In Stock

    Our dried sour cherries have a fantastic sour & tangy taste and are a great addition to your home baking recipes. They can enhance cakes and desserts, are fab with American pancakes, they add an extra dimension to Christmas baking and are also delicious in savoury dishes too!

    £119.99 £130.00
    In Stock
  • £5.99 In Stock

    Baked rice crackers with a hot and spicy chilli flavour.

    In Stock
Showing 757 - 768 of 781 items