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  • Ground Cinnamon 50g
    Ground Cinnamon 50g

    Cinnamon has been used for centuries and has a wonderfully strong...

  • Mixed Spice 50g
    Mixed Spice 50g

    A flavoursome blend of sweet spices traditionally used in rich fruit...

  • Garlic Powder 50g
    Garlic Powder 50g

    Garlic powder is made from dried ground garlic cloves. It has many uses...

  • Tarragon 120g TUB
    Tarragon 120g TUB

    Tarragon has a very distinctive aromatic flavour which goes very well...


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Top sellers

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  • £3.99 In Stock

    Our Selected Apricots are delicious. They are great soaked and eaten with natural yogurt for breakfast and they also make a delicious snack just as they are!

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  • £2.19 In Stock

    Our dried sour cherries have a fantastic sour & tangy taste and are a great addition to your home baking recipes. They can enhance cakes and desserts, are fab with American pancakes, they add an extra dimension to Christmas baking and are also delicious in savoury dishes too!

    In Stock
  • £5.99 In Stock

    Pumpkin seeds have a great sweet and nutty flavour. They can be used in many types of baking, particularly in bread, but are also fantastic as a high protein snack. Try toasting them until slightly coloured, then add a splash of soy sauce.

    In Stock
  • £8.99 £10.99 In Stock

    Brazil nuts are delicious and great as a tasty snack. They are grown wild in the pristine rainforests of the amazon, but, despite their name, mostly come from Bolivia. The brazil nut trees can grow for up to 1000 years, so in eating brazil nuts you can help save the rainforest!

    £8.99 £10.99
    In Stock
  • £0.89 In Stock

    Delicious crispy flakes of wheat toasted and malted to make a simple and satisfying breakfast cereal. Great on their own, or added to any muesli for added crunch, they are also high in natural fibre.

    In Stock
  • £89.99 In Stock

    For use in all types of baking, try using half ground almonds, half flour when baking cakes to make them extra tasty and moist!

    In Stock
  • £11.99 In Stock

    Our whole Californian almonds are from the 'non pareil' variety and extra no.1 grade, which is the best you can get! They are also a good source of fibre, so make a super snack. They are also fantastic in many types of baking especially sweet desserts.

    In Stock
  • £2.49 In Stock

    With juicy sweet cranberries and apricots, the finest UK toasted oats and flakes, we think our new granola is our best yet! Enjoy with cold milk or greek yogurt.

    In Stock
  • £4.99 In Stock

    Our dried cranberries are sweetened for extra flavour. They have a tangy fruity taste and are great for cooking, baking, adding to one of our fantastic Mueslis or even just to enjoy as a snack.

    In Stock
  • £2.99 In Stock

    They have a mild nutty flavour and are delicious sprinkled on salads or cereals and good to bake with. They are also great toasted especially when mixed with a small amount of soy sauce to make a fabulous tasty high protein snack.

    In Stock
  • £1.29 In Stock

    A delicious new savoury snack from us here at Wilton Wholefoods. Simply oven roasted edamame beans which have been lightly salted. Enjoy with drinks, or whenever you need a light, tasty, high protein and high fibre snack.

    In Stock
  • £4.49 In Stock

    Our currants are the best grade and are guaranteed to be sweet and juicy. They have a fabulous rich taste and are perfect for all types of home baking especially Christmas puddings, Eccles cakes and bread and butter puddings.

    In Stock
Showing 25 - 36 of 762 items